CGI, Animation, Anamorphic, DOOH

Fully immersive 3D global launch film

Alongside Sony Interactive Entertainment and Amplify, our team at Inertia designed and animated a fully anamorphic 3D film for 5 curved large-scale screens and a series of projection mapping sites to launch for the highly anticipated PlayStation® 5.

Bringing the ‘Play Has No Limits’ global launch campaign to life, we transformed iconic locations, from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to London’s Piccadilly Circus into mesmerising immersive and anamorphic shows.

The films used a naked-eye 3D effect which created an unbelievable illusion of the product physically and realistically breaking out of the curved screens.

Directors Cut

Client: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Design, Direction & Production: Inertia Studios
CG Artists: Tom Phipps, Henry Yeomans, Nikolai Pulger, Christoph Strohfeld, Giacomo Lietti, Marcel Hita Baró, Ezequiel Grand, Bruno Inhudes, Charlotte Quillet, Mihaly Sipos, David Slachta, Alexander DeBavelaere
Content capture - Explore Impossible
Music & Sound Design: Kambiz Aghdam