Tommy Hilfiger

Outdoor, CGI, Digital-Fashion, Avatar

Tommy Factory

Blurring the boundaries between digital & IRL, Inertia designed & produced an immersive 3D billboard experience bringing the creative energy of Tommy Factory FA22 to a global audience. Digital garments, 3D avatars and explosive anamorphic content helped launch the FA22 campaign, from Andy Warhols shimmering Mylar balloons, to Travis Barkers expressive drum performance, the campaign captures the relentless creativity of the Tommy Hilfiger brand.

Digital Avatars

Built entirely from reference imagery, Travis Barker was digitally recreated to become the star of the show. Our in-house Motion Capture suits enabled realistic drum performances to be easily captured and transported to his digital avatar.

Client: Tommy Hilfiger
Design, Direction & Production: Inertia Studios
Agency: Holition
DC Music & Sound Design: Kambiz Aghdam