TUBI - 'Rabbit Hole'

3D Outdoor, Anamorphic, DOOH, CGI

Super Bowl Campaign

For Tubi's lead up to the Super Bowl, our team produced a series of 5 fully bespoke, world-class 3D billboards, featuring a giant rabbit towering out of the screen.

Our hand-keyframed animation, photoreal fur, and 3D modeling expertise all came together to create a playful rabbit beckoning people with a mischievous grin, capturing the essence of Tubi's Super Bowl ad and added a new level of excitement to the bustling cityscape.

We also created a world's first in 3D Outdoor advertising, with two billboards seamlessly interacting with one another, taking immersive advertising to a whole new level!

Directors Cut

Client: TUBI
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Media: Quan Media Group
Design, Direction & Production: Inertia Studios