EPIC - Fornite Chapter3

CGI, 3D Anamorphic, DOOH

Real-time 3D Billboard

After Fortnite players worldwide were unexpectedly flipped upside down and cast out into the in-game ocean, they turned to the internet for answers. A carefully planned marketing campagn awaited. The flipped FORTNITE letters acting as breadcrumbs contained across 4 global sites. Rendered in Unreal engine, Inertia designed and produced the 4 anamorphic environments, dropping easter eggs about the new map and characters for the confused online fans to uncover through influencers and online discussion.

Built & Rendered in Unreal, EPIC’s game engine software, our highly talented team of artists and developers collaborated to achieve stunning, stylised visuals in a realtime environment.


Client: EPIC Games / Fortnite
Design, Direction & Production: Inertia Studios
CG Artists: Tom Phipps, Loren Jupolli, Henry Yeomans, Jack Lietti, Lucas Burrows, Alessandro Aglietti, Ethan Chambers, Saga Bjorneback
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