Haig Club

CGI, Animation, Live Action

Make your own rules.

Elegant and rebellious, this fresh and punchy campaign was designed to show how Haig Club makes its own rules at every level.

With a clean and considered design language, ‘Make your own rules’ was crafted to appeal to an audience that is constantly challenging the expectations of this OG drinks category.

Embracing Haig Club’s dismissive attitude of the traditional whiskey sector, from its bold blue product design to its marketing approach, ultra-cool drinking locations are contrasted with an out of date old-mans pub, disrupted through the presence of the Clubman bottle itself.

Blending beautifully captured footage, 3D animation and VFX, full-screen glitch takeovers maximise social media engagement and create impactful moments that successfully amplify the Haig Club brand.

A fresh start for the secretly cool whiskey drinkers.