PUMA® Football

CGI, Animation, Design

Anthem: Find your flow

This year it's all about music.

Inertia was brought on board to help launch the Anthem Pack, the hottest installment of the PUMA Football product range. Exploring how you can ‘Find Your Flow’ on the pitch through the power of music, Inertia directed and produced the FUTURE 4.1 product videos.

Highly stylised, photo-realistic CGI blends dynamic motion design to showcase killer new tech features, whilst referencing audio/visual elements that bring a twist of music to the party.

Creating a fluid edit with meticulously timed animation cues was crucial to achieving a sense of ‘flow’ throughout the film. Multiple shots worked in tandem to carry a sense of movement throughout a sequence, allowing product features to be explored in macro detail whilst still maintaining energy and direction.

A visually stunning world was created that stands alone in the genre of football boot marketing.

Initial Styleframes