CGI, Experiential

Ultraboost 20 Campaign

A unique brand partnership with the International Space Station meant the Adidas UB20 was literally out of this world.

Designed to live on the astronomical sized screens inside Adidas’ flagship stores, we transformed the customers retail experience into an epic voyage into the depths of space.

Inertia designed and directed the 6m wide film, an awe-inspiring visual journey powered by motion graphics and computer generated goodness.

The Ultraboost Universe

Deconstructing the futuristic materials of the UB20 product line: iridescent metals from distant meteorites, galaxies of swirling TFP fibers, and growing fields of spongey boost sole, created an imaginative journey that centered around the premium sportswear. A visually epic journey into the unknown.

Client: adidas
Agency: Amplify
Design, Direction & Production – Inertia Studios